Since her early childhood, Nicole has been inspired by the mystery and magic of life. This started a passionate search about the meaning of existence and the soul's expression through it.
By the time she was 19, Nicole was part of  the College of Divinity in the Nizhoni School for Global Consciousness.  There she began a deep, years-long process of self-discovery, inner healing, and embracing the different facets of her soul, a process through which she was lead and taught by Chris Griscom.
Nicole trained with Chris for 3 years, graduated as a Master of Divinity and became a facilitator in multi-incarnational session work. She has worked at The Light Institute of Galisteo since 1996, counseling clients on the deepest level of their soul.
As a facilitator Nicole guides her clients to face and work through the constraints of their life to become conscious, truly-free beings, to use the potential of their soul to move with clarity and joy through their lives.
As a result of her commitment and experience, Nicole has become a master guide for many people. She has helped countless individuals from every walk of life--actors, doctors, bankers, housewives, children--to overcome fears and obstacles and discover life's abundance and beauty.
Nicole now has clients around the world. The demand for her insights, guidance and skills often take her abroad. She regularly travels to Europe and South America. In addition to being a facilitator, Nicole is an ordained minister, a gifted cranial healer and serves as Chris Griscom's translator in Europe.
Please contact her if you wish to learn more.