Close your eyes and think of a part of your life in which you feel abundant.
It might be the feeling of an abundant connection to nature, an abundance of love,friends, success etc.
Tune into that sense of abundance and perceive the abundant energy with all of your senses.
How does the energy look like? What colors do you perceive? How does it make you feel?
Does it have a certain smell, texture or sound?
Now choose a situation or part of your life in which you need abundance. You might experience a sense of lack in that aspect of your life right now.
Imagine that you transfer the energy of abundance from the abundant part of your life to the part in which you experience the need for abundance.
Let the energy fill that aspect of your life. Perceive the abundant energy with all its qualities (sound, smell, color) and let it touch, caress and alter the situation.
Now focus on your own emotions. How do you feel when you are abundant in that part of your life?
Imprint that feeling in your body and walk with that feeling through your life.

Activating your heart chakra

Close your eyes and focus on your heart chakra.
You might perceive it as swirling colors, loving feelings or another image.
Ask your heart chakra what color it needs in order to be balanced and to activate the aspect of your heart chakra that you need most in your life right now.
Draw that color from the universe directly into your heart chakra. Imagine that you are cleansing it with this light frequency.
Now observe what energy emerges after sending the color. Use all of your senses to perceive the quality that’s been activated within your heart chakra. Let that quality expand into your whole being and let it to show you how it can support you in your life.

Om Meditation

It is said that the divine, all-encompassing consciousness manifested as the sound "OM".
The vibration of OM is supposed to embrace everything that exists. It connects us to a higher power. Sit comfortably and close your eyes.
Now start to chant the sound OM.
You may chant it quickly or slowly, with a high-pitched sound or a low one.
Play with it. Find the sound and rhythm that feels comfortable for you.
Chant for a few minutes and feel the vibration it creates within your body.
Become one with that higher vibration.
Feel its effect on your consciousness.
Sit in a state of quiet meditation, after you stop chanting.

Mudra to release fears

Massage the area underneath your ring fingers.
Now place the tip of your thumb on the base of the ring finger.
Additionally position the tip of your ring finger on the base of your thumb.
All the other fingers are stretched out.

Now place the hands on your thigh with the palm facing down.
Close your eyes, focus on the mudra and breathe deeply.

Imagine that any fears you might have flow out of your body as you exhale.
This is especially helpful with fears concerning close relationships, but it can be used for any other fear as well.

Perceive the new energetic balance within you as you inhale.

Supporting a healthy body
Sit comfortably and close your eyes.
Ask your physical body to show you an image of your body’s energy flow at a time of perfect health.

You might perceive an image of your body with colorful energies flowing through it.
Or you might become aware of a waterfall or any other form, symbolizing the energy flow.

Imagine now that you imprint this image or sensation onto your physical body, so that it may remember its healthy state of being.
Tune into your body and perceive how this energy flow changes the way you feel in your body.
Stay in this meditative state for as long as you like or even repeat it frequently in order to support your body to stay healthy.