Schedule 2015

Until September 6
Nicole is in Galisteo, NM, USA. Please contact her at 505-603-4096 or send her an email.

From September
Nicole in Germany. Please contact her at 0174/5181011(Germany, please be aware of time difference) or send her an email.






Living in the Light

Some time ago I was blessed to be asked to perform a marriage ceremony for a lovely young couple. They intended to create a ceremony that would reflect and encompass their love for each other, their true being and their connection with everything around them. And the ceremony turned out to be exceptionally beautiful.
The moment the bride and the groom stood in front of each other, it was as if their souls had lit up to their fullest radiance. During the ceremony they consciously opened up their heart and soul for each other to allow that free and ecstatic dance between their souls to take place, which created such a strong presence of the newlyweds that it inspired everybody around them.
It was stunning.
It was as if they anchored a beacon of joy and light in their lives. And the guests who joined them during this special moment did not just witness this ceremony, but they also offered their gift by radiating their own love and joy, creating a space of support and trust for the couple as they took this important step together.
I am sure that this wedding set a wonderful foundation for their marriage and inspired and energized every person who was present.
It definitely touched me very deeply and reminded me of the beautiful loving potential that we humans carry inside of us.