Unfolding Your Soul's Brilliance

There are more things in heaven and earth, that are dreamt of in your phantasy. Hamlet
William Shakespeare


Within each of us lies an unimaginable richness of qualities, capacities, creativity and brilliance that most of us hardly ever touch. Our souls contain everything that exists and far more, that what we so often call the divine.

Sometimes we get a glimpse of who we are when we fantasize about who we could be.
It is not really a fantasy. It is the potential that lies within us.

But through the sense of life we acquire from our society and family and through experiences we've had in our lives and the feelings and thoughts that were created by them, we often distance ourselves from that potential, we don't believe anymore that it could exist within us. So it just sits there, well hidden and seemingly unreachable.

The Individual Multi-incarnational Sessions are a way to reconnect to that divine potential inside of you and they help you to use those qualities to create a successful, happy and fulfilling life, a life in which you can be your true self.

By learning and applying specific energy and color techniques, you will be able to remember and dissolve restrictive old memories and thought-forms from this and other lifetimes and open the flow to live your soul's
brilliance. You will take home exercises and tools to integrate them into your every day life, so that you can use even negative, constricting situations to evolve instead of experiencing them as obstacles--discover the joy of using your life.

Here are the sessions available:

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Emotional Body Session  

In this three-hour session you are starting to access key experiences and memories from your childhood that are forming your life now.
Through the guidance of your Inner Child, which is the creative part of your being that expresses the fondness of life, you become aware of and release memories that caused or reactivated emotional patterns that set the stage for your growing personality and the sense of who you are now.

Further, you access memories to become aware of the consciousness with which you entered this life and to reconnect to the resources that you brought with you.
You will unravel the connection to your intuition, the voice of your soul, which is your Higher Self.
Opening to the presence and energy of your Higher Self allows you to get a glimpse of who you truly are and of the potential that lies within. Allowing your Higher Self to become part of your life will give you a new driving force that will open new doors and possibilities.

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Muli-incarnational Sessions

Higher Self Sessions

This four-day multi-incarnational set of three hours per day, starts on the first day with the Emotional Body Session as described above.
During the following days your Higher Self will guide you through the dance of your soul into other lifetimes and dimensions that you experienced in order to evolve as a soul.
Your Higher Self will show you the lifetimes that are most relevant and connected to the current situation in your life, so that by clearing them, you gain a bigger understanding about the network of emotions and thoughts that are creating your life.
By accessing harmonic lifetimes, in which you were able to live your essence/ true potential and mastered these themes, you will create an opening for you current life to fill it with new ideas and energies.
Nicole helps you to focus on the themes that are important in your life and that you want to change.  

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Theme Sessions  

Once you have completed the Higher Self multi-incarnational set you can choose to have one, two or any given number multi-incarnational sessions on a specific theme that you would like to focus on or deepen after the Higher Self Sessions.  
These themes can include

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Additional multi-incarnational sets:  

Clearing the Parents

In this set you will be able to become aware of the soul-connection between you and your parents and release any karmic connections that might make a relationship to your parents difficult.
It will allow you to become aware of who you truly are, independently of your parents, so that you and your parents are free to live your essence and relate as equals.
It is recommended to do the Higher Self Set and the set about Clearing the Parents before continuing with any of the following session sets.


Through our society all of us have deep imprints about sexuality that keep us from expressing out sexual energy freely and joyfully.
We do not only need our sexual energy in physical relationships, but it is also our life-force energy that allows us to be creative, expressive, joyful, successful, connected to our own wisdom and so much more.

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Discover your physical, emotional and spiritual inheritance of your family constellation, how it influences you in your life and how you can use it in a conscious way.
Become aware of your own qualities that you can instill into the genetic pool of the future.


In this set you have the possibility to discover your connection to the devic, angelic and galactic realms.

Inner Essences

By working on your Inner Essences you are balancing the different energies within yourself, what makes you whole and capable of choosing which energies are needed in which situation.

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Higher Octave Sessions

This set of sessions takes two hours each day. You are working on your shakti energy, which enables you to access higher energies and consciousness. You will be working with your 8th (golden) and 9th (silver) chakra, to integrate their energies into your physical form.  

Session Prices

In Galisteo, NM US:
Emotional Body Session : 3 hours, $ 500.-
Multi-incarnational Sessions : 4 x 3 hours, $ 2000.-
Theme Sessions : 3 hours, $ 500.-
Higher Octave Sessions : 4 x 2 hours, $2000.-

In Berlin, D:
Emotionalkoerpersitzung (3 Stunden) € 420.- Multiinkarnationssitzungen (4 x 3 Stunden) € 1650.- Einzelthemen (3 Stunden) € 420.-
Hoehere Oktaven (4 x 2 Stunden) € 1650.-

Nicole Grabke also travels to other locations to offer her sessions. Please contact her for more details.

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